For more than 10 years, our company has been manufacturing high-quality products from various types of materials. In the production of our products, we use only the highest quality raw materials in order to satisfy any wishes of our customers.

We put at your service our sincere commitment to this work, backed by our many years of experience in this sector in Russia and Europe: it is thanks to our many years of activity that we can take care of every step of the process down to the smallest detail, from consultation to the selection of materials, from design to installation, up to maintenance after sales.

The high standard of production of our products is ensured by the serious and punctual work of our team, which is always up to date with new materials and technologies available on the market. We focus on the choice of materials: we design, manufacture and install our products, always cooperating with the best suppliers of materials for production. The production technology and components of our products meet the highest standards.

Our main goal has always been to fulfill the desires of our customers, which is why we offer such a wide and varied range. Each project is carefully studied and evaluated by our experts, who will be able to give you the best advice on the choice of materials and products to be manufactured.

We want to be a reliable partner to our customers by providing optimal products, solutions and services. This commitment will be achieved through a focus on customer collaboration, exceptional quality and innovation.

Our company specializes in the production and sale of various types of fences: aluzinc, plastic, metal fences, wooden fences, 3D fences (mesh) and forged fences. We guarantee the strength and resistance of structures to atmospheric influences. Our fences are available in standard and custom sizes to suit a variety of requirements and uses.

Our many years of experience in the field of metalworking allows us to create iron and stainless steel products that perfectly meet the requirements of the customer, both from a practical and aesthetic point of view.

In addition, we offer the manufacture of various types of railings – from stainless steel and ferrous metal, and the manufacture of stairs.

Thanks to a wide and varied offer of options made from high quality and certified materials, finishes and finishes, our company can offer you functional and practical combinations, without forgetting the harmonious environment of the room and its aesthetic aspect.

Sizes, finishes, styles and any decorative elements can be customized according to your needs and personal taste, and if you are still undecided between iron and stainless steel, our competent and qualified staff is ready to give you all the necessary advice to make the most suitable choice.

We offer production of fence gates (swinging, sliding) made of metal or wood, and gates of various types of material, as well as sectional garage doors.

Durability, safety, precision and quality – these are the principles that guide us in the manufacture of fence gates, wickets and garage doors. these are important and indispensable elements of the security of various types of territories and premises.

In our company you can order the manufacture of terraces from composite plastic or wood.

Outdoor wooden terraces have a long service life, good stability and weather resistance. However, they require a lot of care and maintenance, which translates into time and cost. An alternative to outdoor wood decks are WPC or Composite wood planks that have all the warmth and beauty of outdoor wood planks, plus exceptional stability and durability, with no maintenance needed!

If you have a dream of having an outdoor wooden terrace in your garden, but you are afraid that it will be easily damaged and that you will be forced to carry out expensive maintenance, choose our WPC composite boards without delay! You will get the beauty of a wooden outdoor terrace without long-term maintenance costs! Or you can opt for the classic material – a wooden terrace. In any case, our experts will help you with the choice.

To protect your territory and premises, our qualified specialists will help you with the choice of various types of automation for gates (swing, sliding and garage), access systems (intercoms and electric locks), barriers.

In addition, we produce protective shutters for windows and glass canopies over doors.

Aluminum and steel security shutters act as a deterrent and provide excellent resistance to burglary attempts. In addition, there is a wide range of accessories that can be installed at various points on the roller shutters to prevent them from rising or detaching from the rails, thereby increasing safety.

This is possible thanks to the characteristics of the raw materials used, combined with unique safety features.

To be “armored”, the guides must be built into the masonry: the level of resistance varies depending on the chosen profile and the accessories installed. Manual or motorized, some models include security components that can be combined with security profiles: aluminium/steel and reinforced steel latches mounted on the terminal, intermediate latches mounted in any intermediate bar, locks with internal or internal/external movement, key locks, anti-lift locking systems or mechanical safety clutches installed with motorized movement inside the box to make breaking even more difficult.

There are very interesting models where roller shutters are integrated with other security systems such as grilles, so that the user can choose which accessory to use depending on the time of day.

In addition to safety, it is useful to consider such characteristics as the weight of the roller shutters, the presence of a belt or motor drive, ease and convenience of use, as well as compliance with the technical and architectural requirements of our building.

We are also happy to provide you with our landscaping and paving services.

Paving is one of the most widely used outdoor cladding techniques as it guarantees excellent stability and durability.

There is a very wide range of paving stones with different aesthetic and technical characteristics. They differ in porosity, permeability, hardness, machinability, strength, etc.

For each material, there are also many types of finishes. On the market there are products with a more or less polished, hand-finished, sandblasted, embossed, embossed or aged surface.

The market also offers a great variety in terms of format types, offering stones of various sizes and thicknesses, cubic, irregularly cut stones, cobblestones. Many companies can also produce stones in sizes specified by the designer.

As experts in landscaping and paving, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on your project. Together we will select the products, materials and designs that best suit your application. In order to accurately plan your landscaping or paving process, we personally measure your site and determine the progress of the work – you don’t have to worry about anything. We will take care of the professional laying of the material.

By contacting our team, you will find competent specialists who will skillfully bring all your ideas to life and will provide you with technical support and assistance even after the manufacture and installation of our products.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or contact form for more information about our services and products. Our qualified and trained staff is ready to answer any of your questions with sincerity and professionalism.