A variety of room locks are a valuable tool for locking doors. The electronic lock is an evolution of the conventional lock and allows access to the premises in a more practical way, even from a distance, to make our daily life easier.


An electronic lock is a classic mechanism for remotely opening a gate or door to a house in order to make it easier for people to enter a building or area. Electronic locks can be installed not only on gates, but also on armored or other doors so that they can be opened remotely. As a rule, electronic locks are connected to an intercom or video intercom, through which it is possible to communicate with the outside world and identify the person to be let in. The electronic lock opens when it receives a signal through low voltage electricity.

Unlike an electronic lock. an electromechanical lock works exactly the same as a classic one, but an electromagnet is used to open it, which is powered by electricity and works in exactly the same way as if a key were used.


Electromechanical and electronic locks have several options, depending on the needs of the protected house or territory. The most classic example is the remote control used to control the gates of a house, or the remote control used to open the shutters of a garage. A small remote control sends an opening signal to an electronic lock, which activates and allows us to enter. These locks also have a locking system, i.e. a system designed to slowly close a shutter or gate behind us as soon as we leave.

Electric locks have been around for a very long time, but the advent of home automation has made them even better. These innovative smart home systems can interact with locks through appropriate settings that allow you to open doors, windows or shutters with your smartphone. In other words, you can open doors and gates, as well as shutters, from the comfort of your couch at home.

Some home automation systems allow you to open the roller shutters in your home after setting a timer. Thus, in the morning you can be woken up by the light coming through the windows, and not the usual alarm clock. These settings completely change the approach to the electric lock, making it even more convenient and practical.

Those looking for extra security can even take advantage of fingerprint lock systems that provide an extra layer of security throughout the home.

Electric locks can be installed on any window or door, which does not require a mechanical lock to be activated. These doors are usually armored doors, gates, or doors to hotel rooms or other reception areas. In other words, all doors that don’t have a key. For everyone else, you will need an electromechanical lock that works in a hybrid way and can be operated by turning the key.

When you decide to install an electric lock, you must fully understand the needs of your home so that you don’t spend a fortune on a security system. It might be a good idea to install an electronic lock on the following types of doors:

  • Inconvenient to access, such as the doors or gates of the house when you are in the house. It is much better to press the button to activate it and let the guests in.
  • Doors separating the vehicle from the road: in other words, gates that must operate while the person is inside the vehicle so as not to exit the vehicle one or more times before leaving the house in the vehicle.
  • Doors that require a certain level of security, such as the armored doors of a house. Remote opening is a good idea, especially if the person has trouble walking.
  • An intercom is a device with a handset and an audio or video system that connects the inside of a house to the outside. As you know, an intercom is used to provide access to those who are outside, using an audible signal, which is activated by pressing a button and which from the inside allows you to open doors or gates. Traditionally, the intercom works through sound waves, but now its functionality has expanded, so it can also be used from a smartphone.
  • In practice, intercom systems evolved first with the introduction of the video feature, which allows those inside to see who is outside. This is an additional security mechanism that allows you to recognize the interlocutor and decide whether to let him in or not.
  • It then became possible to record short videos to check who was in the house when the occupants were away, allowing them to quickly check when they returned home. And finally, light signals that notify the inhabitants of the house that the door or gate has been accidentally left open.
  • The latest generation of smart video intercoms
  • Finally, there are smart video intercoms designed for people with limited mobility or for those who want to control their home remotely using a smartphone. These intercoms are powered by your home Wi-Fi network and transmit in real time everything that is captured by an external video camera, which increases convenience and security. Finally, some models allow you to set an access password, which is useful in many situations, for example, when you forgot your house keys.
  • Obviously, the ability to enter access passwords in wifi intercoms can be used for many other purposes. For example, boarding houses and accommodations can inform guests about this, facilitating check-in and check-out operations, as well as in cases of loss of keys.
  • – Or it can be used to let the courier in when we are not at home, checking on the video what is happening in the room or on the territory. Over time, intercom systems have evolved into small technological devices that make our lives easier.

Since there are more than enough offers, choosing the right device can put us in a difficult position, which one to prefer for our home. You will have to choose based on performance and safety, favoring models with the features discussed below.

Firstly, it is preferable to use PTZ and panoramic cameras in order to have a wider field of view than just a door. In this case, you need a clear display that provides the best visibility in any light, including at night. In addition, it is advisable to choose armored buttons, preferably also protected from the weather, such as rain and wind.

Among the additional features, we recommend the light indicator of the left open door or gate, as one of the most useful in terms of security, as well as the ability to communicate between different rooms in the building.

Additional features include the ability to record images and videos from an external camera or connect an intercom to a smartphone. Finally, there are external light indicators that turn on when they enter the field of view of the intercom, which are an excellent deterrent for intruders and improve visibility at night.

Therefore, before buying, you should evaluate all these characteristics, as well as the external panel, installation method and value for money. Intercom systems also differ in purpose and the number of installed modules, for the installation of which, of course, it is also necessary to take into account the cost.

Obviously, you need to take into account those additional features that increase the price, such as the differences between analog, digital or Bluetooth wiring. In all cases, it is necessary to take into account the distance and range of the signal, so we recommend that you trust our specialists, who will help you make a choice based on the location and layout of your home.