Glass canopies are architectural elements that are placed in the form of canopies on the walls of buildings, i.e. cantilevered outwards from doors and windows. Their purpose is to provide weather protection for both window frames and people at the entrance to the building.

The use of materials such as glass for the construction of awnings allows for minimal impact on the structure of the building and maintains a high degree of illumination.


Glass canopies installed above the entrance to a private house, apartment building, office or enterprise perform both a decorative and protective function. They are durable and elegant, and the area covered by the canopy remains well lit.

The glass canopy can be made in various designs and sizes and becomes a real architectural element that complements and decorates the building. Balconies and outdoor stairs can also be protected by a glass canopy: depending on the situation, our company develops an individual glass canopy and the most suitable supports. With steel or iron supports, with or without tie rods.

A canopy is a building element that enhances the living space of a house or building by providing shelter to the open space. It is considered a permanent structure and therefore requires the development of a structural design, special checks and a number of permits.

In fact, it takes the form of a rigid structure with columns and a frame that is open on at least two sides. As a rule, it is installed on the outer walls of residential premises in a stationary way. Nowadays it is also possible to build opening awnings which are of aluminum or iron construction and covered with panels, often glass. The result is neat and sophisticated designs.

There are different types of awnings, which differ in the way they are installed, as well as the type of material. Glass products are exceptionally elegant and functional: a versatile material with a timeless appeal.

The most interesting feature is its transparency, as it allows natural light to pass through, favoring the vision of various elements without the color defects that occur when artificial lighting is used. In addition, glass, if properly processed, can be extremely resistant to atmospheric agents, temperature fluctuations, and even impact. It is a material that does not easily wear and does not change or expand.

In addition, there are glasses (absorbing, reflective, selective) that allow you to control solar radiation, which can be extremely annoying. Tempered glass, which is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, is often used for awnings. However, if damaged, it shatters into many small, blunt fragments, reducing the risk of cuts and injury.

Glass is often combined with other materials such as aluminium, wood, iron or steel as this material adapts to all spaces and styles. In fact, he never loses his elegance and sophistication and is able to give wonderful emotions.

Our company manufactures and installs high quality glass awnings for the protection of entrances to public and private buildings, as well as gardens and balconies. We are able to fully satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers.

  • guarantee maximum benefit for customers by offering quality products designed for a long service life;
  • pay special attention to innovation, using the most modern technologies;
  • provide a team of experienced professionals capable of providing high-quality technical advice;
  • provide prompt and reliable assistance;
  • offer customized solutions to meet specific needs.

Since it is a versatile material that is resistant to deformation and destruction. It is durable and impervious to gases, liquids and vapours. It is lightweight and practically does not deform.

At the same time, the glass is transparent, transmitting light and thus making the space at the entrance light. But you can also choose frosted or colored glass, depending on your taste and style.

Glass visors can be aesthetically integrated into any design solution and should be comfortable and easy to use, always keeping in mind important factors such as durability and maintenance over time.

Ideal for decorating the entrance areas of houses, for use as sun protection structures, as well as for effective window decoration. Glass canopies provide protection thanks to anodized profiles and laminated tempered glass, available in neutral, clear, colored and frosted finishes.

Excellent strength combined with exceptional material safety thanks to the protective film inside the glass ensures optimum product durability and low maintenance costs.

The canopies are available in classic, rounded versions with more visible wall profiles, and modern versions with invisible profiles and a clear, sober design.

Visors are available in various materials, designs and models. Our experts will guide you through every step of your glass canopy selection to ensure you get the best fit for your needs, expectations and budget.

Functionality, space and aesthetics are the key points that our company relies on when designing and developing suspended roofs, adapting the solution to any of your needs.

A high level of competence and professionalism, investments in innovation and technology characterize our team of qualified specialists who are able to support the customer in the choice of glass awnings.

Glass entrance canopies and awnings are available in various sizes and designs. They can decorate your entrance, protect an outdoor staircase, or create a canopy for an entrance gate or terrace.

You can choose from different styles and models of glass canopies:

  • Direct awnings
  • Curved awnings
  • Canopies only made of glass with connecting rods

Types of glass canopies

Glass awnings can be made from various types of materials, depending on the type of fixture used.

In particular, there are:

  • canopies made of glass and wood: they involve the use of glass in combination with a wooden fastening structure. The presence of wood is reminiscent of a simple style, as natural as possible; that is why wood and glass awnings are more in tune with a more traditional and therefore more classic taste;
  • glass and metal canopies: sophisticated metal structures completely enclose the glass and can be customized with ornaments to give a unique style;
  • canopies made of glass and steel: this type of element is more in line with the current architectural style, since the use of steel allows for a more significant and therefore more modern design. Because of these characteristics, steel and glass awnings are widely used in more modern buildings;
  • hanging canopies: glass canopies can also be made from high performance profiles with modern, clean lines that provide lightness and give the illusion that the glass is suspended.

Paint selection

It is not always easy to choose the desired color of the visor. It is also necessary to check how long the paint will retain its gloss and color. And this to a large extent affects the price: it is one thing to choose paint with a ten-year service life, quite another – with a service life of several months.

Choice of application mechanism

After choosing the paint, it is necessary to choose the right method of its application and the most suitable anti-corrosion system. The glass canopy installed in the city does not experience such climatic and natural stresses as the one installed in the industrial zone, not to mention the coastal one.

Production and installation

To get a great entrance canopy, it is necessary that the entire production and installation sequence work in harmony.