Panel fences are a versatile solution that can be used in both industrial and residential areas. 3D panel fences are designed primarily for professional fencing: commercial and industrial buildings, roads, airports, railways, highways and ports.

And also mesh panels are installed around private houses, parks, gardens, public buildings, squares, factories or various types of warehouses.


Panels belong to the group of 3D panels. A characteristic feature of this group of products are slats. Planks give the panels rigidity. The number of slats depends on the height of the panel.

Panel fences are system solutions that provide complete protection of the territory. The offer, intended for private and industrial facilities, includes modern 3D panel fences. Their characteristic features are reliability, quality and durability, not to mention elegance and style. The complex offer of our company is an excellent addition to the fencing of an object for which safety and appearance are important. Take advantage of the full offer and create your own design.

The panels are produced by welding from raw wire, then hot-dip galvanized or galvanized and powder coated. The panel produced using this technology provides, first of all, strong welds and excludes possible corrosion.

The panels can be mounted on poles using various mounting accessories available in our offer. The panels can be installed on both flat and sloping ground, directly above the ground or using a concrete deck. The poles can be installed directly into the ground or onto a concrete wall using mounting plates.

Panel meshes are spot-welded from individual steel bars. Panels can be trimmed at one end with 30 [mm] extended wire located at the bottom or top of the fence.

3D panel fences are welded from raw wire. Mesh panels can be hot-dip galvanized or electro-galvanized and covered with a protective layer using a synthetic material. Combining the characteristics of galvanized and polymeric coatings in the DUPLEX system, you can significantly extend the life of the fence.

Coated panels come with a 10-year anti-corrosion warranty.

Our company offers customers a complete set in the form of an integrated system, including fencing panels, poles and gates.

The complete system consists of panels of different heights combined with different rack models, each with matching mounting accessories. All types are supplied with matching accessories and a complete range of sliding and swing gates.

– Resistant to corrosion

Panel meshes are subjected to rigorous technical tests in the factory, where their resistance to corrosion is verified. As a result of such tests, we get a high-quality product.

– Strength and resistance to deformation under loads: welded panels with a width of 2.5 m provide a higher level of rigidity. They can be from 630 mm to 2430 mm high. However, depending on the wishes of the client, 3D panel fences can be made to order. The panel is made of electric welded wire with rectangular meshes and horizontal ribs that guarantee a high level of rigidity.

– Unlimited color options: the panels are powder-coated, allowing you to choose a wide range of colors to suit your design and RAL color palette.

– Shading System: Panels can be combined with a PVC Shading System for privacy and added security.

– Excellent light transmission, because the grid does not cast shadows.

– A wide range of thickness (1.2-5mm), length, cell size. The fence panel is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, surface treated with electrostatic polyester powder coating for galvanized materials, then attached to the pole with appropriate clamps. With its simple structure, easy installation and attractive appearance, more and more customers consider welded mesh fencing as the most preferred safety fence.

– Attractive appearance. Correct folding creates a unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface is painted in a wide range of colors, the most popular colors being white, green, black and anthracite. The combination of different colors of posts and grid looks even more attractive. Most of these products use a bollard with a base, and installation is done only with mounting screws, which is a very fast process.

– Resistant to different temperatures from -60°C to +50°C

– Long service life

Panel fence coating technology is the benchmark in the industry and ensures durability. After galvanization, a special coating is applied to ensure perfect PVC adhesion.

An additional ‘Extreme’ coating is applied for exceptionally long service life even under variable climatic conditions.

– Security

In addition to providing a very flexible and resilient coating with excellent strength, the PVC used, which is free of lead, cadmium, CR6 and toxic plasticizers, has a low environmental impact without releasing harmful compounds into the air, which makes it possible to use the 3D panel fence even for playground fencing .

When deciding to fence our site, we think about the safety of our loved ones and our property: the choice of modular panels of different heights allows us to find a simple and effective solution to our problems.

– Excellent value for money and quality.

– Quick installation

All fencing components are custom made to provide a professional, high quality product with quick installation.

In fact, choosing to fence a piece of land with a classic mesh (the one found in rolls) may seem like a simple and economical solution, but it does not take into account several important factors, first of all, how the area we are going to fence is arranged.

If we have to work on absolutely flat and obstacle-free ground, then the installation of a mesh fence will not cause much problems: but if the area turns out to be sufficiently “uneven”, then the installation of the mesh may be more difficult, and the result may not be entirely satisfactory in several respects.

3D panel fences are designed to fit even in case of uneven terrain: due to the wide range of heights, it is possible to achieve the result of a “traditional” fence without the need for additional complex installation work.

In addition, the ability to choose between modular panels of different heights also has an important aesthetic advantage, as it allows the creation of specific and expressive architectural solutions.

For example, if we want to fence private property, we can take advantage of the different heights of different modular panel models to create a fence with a non-linear structure that tends to be higher at a gate or other type of opening.

In addition, modular panels do not only have a classic regular shape similar to a rectangle: in fact, there are various models in which the highest side is in the form of an arch, with a more or less accentuated curve: even in this case, you can combine different sizes, to get a fence that is different from others and looks very aesthetically pleasing.

– Multifunctionality. Choice of different panel heights

In panel fences, different heights are used for different purposes.

The ability to choose between modular panels of different heights also meets different protection requirements, which obviously differ depending on the nature of the protected area.

Usually, a certain height, about 180 centimeters, may be required to fence a private garden. However, we may also need a greater height, for example, when we need to protect a large area that we do not have a direct view of, and which surrounds our property.

In addition, there are panels with a very low height (from 60 centimeters), which allow us to build an internal fence within the same site, while maintaining the style of the external fence.

The wide versatility of panel fencing allows us to find the type of fencing that is best suited for protection, and at the same time do it in style, being able to use different heights to customize our fencing: being protected without feeling “caged”, but while turning our protection system into an element of decoration of our space.